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Creative design can help you grow your company; good design sells, adds value by reinforcing your brand and will ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Functional creative ideas and concepts!

Branding & Logo Design

A professional identity across all media!


Digital illustration & photo manipulation


Design for the web & social media!

Our Graphic Design Services

Our experienced in house graphic designers are at your disposal to help with all your design requirements.

Creative graphic design can help you grow your company; good design sells, adds value by reinforcing your brand and will ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Graphic Design

Creative Design & Artworking

Functional creative ideas and concepts!

Communicating your ideas in order to support or promote your company brand, product or service is the main ingredient of functional creative design; with this in mind we consider it our responsibility to work hard to make our concepts and designs clear, relevant and powerful so they are fit for purpose, whatever the desired output print, web, new media or display graphics.


Having professional artwork produced for your Logos, company image, displays and promotional literature will ensure that you are taken seriously when communicating with your market or audience; we are experienced in taking your ideas and converting them into polished artwork that will really work for you.

You may already have a very clear idea for your design or an existing corporate identity that is flagging in the market place that just needs revitalising or updating, our artworking service is the ideal solution for you, we will listen, advise on print and display options, offer you practical help with distribution or fulfilment and add incredible value to your message so that you are rewarded with the correct response.

Branding & Logo Design

Creating a professional identity across all media!

At Thinkpad Print & Design we are skilled in creating strong brand awareness and an image that will remain consistent throughout your advertising and marketing, a unique design, name, sign coupled with the relevant image, symbol or words for your company, product, service or goods will establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market place. Over time, your brand will become associated with a level of credibility and quality that will attract and retain loyal satisfied customers to you.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design


Digital illustration & photo manipulation!

Custom computer generated illustrations are a fantastic way of communicating your message, feelings or mood where no other image is clearly suitable or available, by montaging several images, professionally editing photographs, applying a digital filter effects or styles, there is truly no boundary to what can be created, our illustrators will not rest until you have exactly the correct image.


Digital illustration can also be exported as a wide variety of formats that are compatible with all display media option, we can advise on the optimum resolution and type to ensure you have the best display.

Web Design

Design for the web & social media!

Your Web site is one of most important pieces of marketing information that you will produce, whether it is an online brochure, commercial catalogue or complex information site we ensure that it encompasses all of the important elements to display correctly, these include colour, fonts, layout, and overall appearance. When designing your site it is of utmost importance to consider your site’s target audience, function and how traffic will navigate specific sections.


Designing elements and posting HTML pages to the Web is relatively straight forward and you will find lots of low cost options if this is all you wish to do, however, building a fast, secure and well-structured site that is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) for the Web, that can be viewed properly on hand-held devices such as smart phones, pads/tablets and social networks and above all that will keep the readers interest and stop them navigating away never to return is quite a different matter.  Working with our sister company Pixel Lab and seeking their expert opinion will help cater for the latest market trends and will ensure that the website built for you is well designed and will give you the edge over your competitors, drive traffic to your site, attract new business and increase profits, remember even if you don’t use the internet, your customers and competitors almost certainly will!

Graphic Design

A small selection of Design services available

  • Graphic Design

    • Design for Print
    • Digital Design
    • Artworking
    • Copyrighting
    • Magazine/Booklet Design
    • Vector Creation
    • Conceptual Design

  • Branding & Logo Design

    • Logo Design
    • Brand Creation
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Vector Design
    • Brand Management
    • Bespoke Design Packages
    • Conceptualisation

  • Illustration

    • Visual Mock-ups
    • Picture Manipulation
    • Photoshop Experts
    • Vehicle Livery Design
    • Building Graphic Visuals
    • Photo Editing
    • Branding Conceptulisation

  • Web Design

    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Social Media Page Design
    • SEO
    • Social Media Management
    • Design for Web
    • Photography


For more information on website design please visit our sister company Pixel Lab’s Website